Langley Thai Select Restaurant has cooking classes with Thai Executive Chef Parinya Loptson

Parinya Loptson is a Langley Thai Restaurant owner who is sharing her gift and love of Thai Food with her guests and students as she holds cooking classes in the new location. Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine is located on Douglas Crescent across from the Douglas Park Community Center, with public and private parking and access to the park if you want to go for a walk after dinner or class.

After trying many other professions when she came to Canada (other than the one she was born to do, as the oldest child in a large Thai farm family responsible for cooking dinner at an early age), Parinya found her love of Thai cooking and her homeland was a gift she could share with guests and students. Growing up, helping mom, and grandparents with the cooking and shopping at the markets, it came much more naturally than the medical office assistant training or IT office work that she trained in when she first came to Canada.

Many Thai restaurants you find in Canada will represent just one of the 4 types of cooking that Thailand is known for, but as the owner of her own place she finds ways to present cooking from all four regions of Thailand in her menu and classes. Thai food traditionally uses rice, coconut and many fresh vegetables and spices so it is a healthy alternative to a North American style restaurant. In her cooking classes she shares stories of growing up as well as stories from her other chef’s who can let you know more about the right types of fresh herbs and spices to get to make all the flavors pop and come to life.
The cooking classes are held approximately monthly with two different classes currently available to students (more to come).

You will have all your ingredients provided, professional instructors, your own stove and tools to use, a cookbook to take home and practice with and a full list of ingredients with likely places to find them locally. This culinary experience will take 3 hours of your day and leave you with 4 dishes and some vegetable carvings to compliment your dishes that you can either eat after class or take home to share! Semi-private lessons can be arranged, if you would like to book an entire group or consider it catering with a twist!

There is a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes coming as well! Click here to book a class now. We’re having a little break until the weather improves, and our next classes are expected to be in April 2014. In the meantime, we can put you on the class waiting list by clicking the link above.