Press Release Ban Chok Dee Thai Restaurant Langley, BC February 21, 2016

Executive Chef, Parinya Loptson, of Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine  is proud to invite you to their annual Thai New Year Dinner, and is also introducing a new regular event, her Chef’s Table.  Parinya has just returned from a six week sabbatical and cooking school tour where she studied modern and traditional Thai cooking and carving techniques with some of the most well-known chefs in Thailand. (Ban Chok Dee is located at 20563 Douglas Crescent in Langley, BC)
Chef Parinya with iron chef Chef Chompol Jangprai at MSC Thai Culinary School.
Her teachers included: Iron Chef (Thai Food) Chumpol Jangprai of MSC Culinary School; Iron Chef (Innovative Thai) Ian Kittichai of Issaya Cooking Studio; Master of Thai Fruit and Vegetable Carving Arjarn Sopha Samransook at MSC Culinary School; Chef Kittisak Madnud at MSC Culinary School; Chef Noi at Krua Wandee Culinary School; and Chefs Nooror Steppe (owner) and Chef Chay Chayakorn of the world-famous Blue Elephant Cooking School.
Executive Chef, Parinya Loptson, of Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine cooking school 4Parinya and her team will be delighting you with new dishes and fruit carving presentations at their Thai New Year Dinner in April. The rewards of Parinya’s recent trip to Thailand will be shared with you in Langley, BC.
Executive Chef Parinya with Archan Sopa in #Thailand — in Bangkok, Thailand.

With her multiple award winning entries in local culinary competitions, up against some of the best lower mainland executive chefs and restaurants, Executive Chef Parinya has created some memorable Thai Fusion dishes. Her Thai Style Fish and Chips took home first place in the Vancouver Foodster Restaurant Challenge and was featured on Global TV’s Morning News where she gave a live cooking demonstration of her creation.
Chef Fanta at Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant 6

Thai New Year, or “Songkran”, follows the Buddhist solar calendar and traditionally runs from April 13th to 15th. For this year’s Thai New Year Dinner on April 16th, 2016, Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine will be going all-out to give you a unique dining experience. There will be three periods of delicious Thai dishes, including an ancient Bo-Lan menu rarely served by Thai Restaurant in Canada (and only a few in Thailand!) because of the rare and expensive ingredients and the time and care needed for preparations. In this event, and thanks to some kind friends, we are bringing some very rare ingredients directly from Thailand! We will also be performing live cooking demonstrations of some ancient Thai (Bo-Lan) dishes, including:
Khao Kriab Pak-Morh (aka. Steamed Rice Skin Dumplings) – an elegant Royal Thai Delicacy made with rice flour batter with pork, shrimp, peanut & sweet radish filling.
Som Chun – a traditional Thai summer dessert with seasonal local fruits served in pandan sugar syrup with jasmine flower and a special rare sour orange flavour (Som-Za). The unique flavours also come from sour mango, ginger and fried onion.
Yum Som O Salad – a refreshing pomelo-citrus salad with crispy catfish flakes, caramelized pork belly, roasted coconut flakes and chili oil. Your tastebuds will explode!

The complete menu will include the following categories:

Bo-lan (ancient) – Khao Kriab Pak-Morh (described above); Som Tum Bo-lan with Khaomun, Moo Sen and Nam Prik Pao Chili Paste (papaya salad with coconut rice and dried shredded pork); Yum Som O Salad (described above); Chaw-Muang (purple flower shaped dumplings); and Mar-Hor (traditional Thai amuse-bouche)
Classic (traditional present-day) – Gang Phed Ped Yang (BBQ duck lychee curry); Pla Rad Prik (crunchy fish in trio sauce); Pad Med Ma-Muang Gai (chicken cashew nut stir-fry); Hor-Mok Salmon (salmon in thick curry sauce); and Pad Woon Sen Moo Krob (stir-fried glass noodles with crunchy pork belly).
Modern Fusion (our innovative, award winning dishes) – Thai Style Fish and Chips; Thai-Nado Poutine; Saim Sliders; Nahm Gai Tord (cured fried-chicken winglets); and Larb Pla Bites (crunchy fish bites with larb dressing).
Desserts: including Ka-Nohm Tuay (Cup O Coconut pudding); and Som Chun (described above).

Tickets for the Thai New Year Dinner are $59, but are only $49 if you purchase them prior to March 20th, 2016.

If you have to miss out on this event, Chef Parinya will be hosting her first ever Chef’s Table event on June 5th, 2016, which will be limited to 10 guests. It will be a wonderful way to meet new friends with a love of food and sample unique dishes that are not on the regular menu at Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine.

Tickets for both events are available now……

Executive Chef, Parinya Loptson, of Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine

Parinya’s Personal Statement:

I believe that quality, fresh ingredients plus the passionate, loving care that you put into it are the keys to making a great dish! Attention to the finer details is essential… I visit Langley farm markets daily to find fresh, local ingredients for our valued customers, although some of our key ingredients need to be imported from Thailand directly.

I love challenging myself with something I’m not familiar with from time to time, such as the Vancouver Foodster Restaurant Challenges. These challenges make my way of cooking more exciting, and I will never stop learning about the things I really love and enjoy doing! Despite having no formal training, I still find myself looking for every opportunity to improve and keeping an open mind. I love to learn new foods or techniques share with my customers through my cooking classes which are offered from spring to fall each year. I love seeing more and more people becoming interested in Thai food and Thai cooking. It’s one way of sharing Thai culture with the world because even though Thailand has changed from ancient to modern times, traditional Thai cooking still brings much of the same artistry and delicacy from long ago.

Never stop learning, improving and sharing with passion and love. Take pride in whatever you do.

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